About Jon Light

I grew up in a family of auto enthusiasts. Early years of building car models and racing slot cars led to my first real car, a 1973 Camaro. While in junior high school, I was inspired by my brother’s career in the racing and performance industry. Excited by personal influences like Team Porsche race drivers and tuner cars built by the legendary Mark Donahue and Bill Mitchell, I was hooked. To me, it didn’t get any cooler than that.

Fast forward to 1985. I decided a career in the automotive industry was for me. After graduating with a marketing degree from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, I began as a service advisor for brands including Porsche, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, and Ford. From there I spent years performing in sales and marketing positions with automotive parts and accessories manufacturers. Delving further into the creative side of marketing, I joined an automotive ad agency in California as an account supervisor. My accounts included major auto manufacturers, parts and accessories manufacturers, and service equipment manufacturers. In 2001, I pursued my dream of owning an automotive marketing agency and started In Focus Performance Marketing, a full-service agency focusing on Content Marketing, Media Relations, and SEO. I help manufacturers of parts, accessories, paints, and chemicals in the automotive aftermarket, racing and performance, and power sports industries.

I can help you achieve sales success with well-founded strategic plans, effective marketing tactics, quality creative work, and outstanding service. I take great care to ensure you excellent marketing results and a fantastic customer experience.

On weekends you might find me enjoying my classic Mazda Miata, hiking, kayaking, or hanging out listening to great music.

Thanks for taking time to see what I have to offer. I look forward to providing you with excellent service and great results.

Jon Light – Marketing Strategist

Let’s build something together.

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