An old sage once said if you develop a career doing what you love success will come naturally. Over thirty-five years ago I took that advice to heart and combined my love for motor vehicles with my newly obtained marketing degree. I started in the automotive service field working in service advisor positions for marques including Porsche, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover and Ford. I then moved on to spend many years working in sales and marketing management positions with automotive and power sports parts and accessory manufacturers. Later, I joined an automotive advertising agency in Southern California as an account supervisor. There I maintained accounts that included major auto manufacturers, part and accessory manufacturers and service equipment manufacturers. In 2001, I leveraged this experience to start my own marketing agency; In Focus Powersports Marketing. The company name evolved to In Focus Performance Marketing in 2016.

I have found great success by providing excellent, caring, personalized service combined with well-founded strategic plans and creativity. This philosophy is the basis of In Focus Performance Marketing. Whether marketing tactics are administered by myself, or by other IFPM resources, I take great care to ensure an excellent outcome and a fantastic customer experience.

IFPM looks forward to providing you with excellent service and results.

Jonathan A. Light – Founder and President

Let’s build something together.

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