SEO for Automotive Websites

My SEO tactics will develop your website to make it more easily found during organic searches and to outrank competitor’s websites on search engine results pages. My SEO for automotive websites program will increase viewer traffic from searches relevant to your company and products and improve the user experience once they land on the web page. 

Benefits of SEO for Automotive Websites:

  • Increases your sales leads.
  • Creates awareness of your company and products.
  • Drives high quality traffic to your website.
  • Your web pages rank higher on search engine results pages.
  • Helps you outrank competitors.
  • Improved user experience on the website.
  • Cost management efficiency.

What I will do to optimize your website:


  • Access to past and present website data is a vital part of SEO for automotive websites. To analyze this data, I will set up Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console accounts for your website.

Technical SEO for Automotive Websites

  • Audit site to check for pages with duplicate content. If necessary, add no index canonical tags to low value URL’s.
  • Ensure the XML sitemap is optimized.
  • Check page loading speed. Make corrections if necessary.
  • Check robots.txt file to ensure pages that should be crawled are being crawled, and pages that shouldn’t be crawled aren’t. Modify as necessary.
  • Audit website to check for other technical issues.

On Page SEO for Automotive Websites

Competitor Website Analysis

  • Analyze competitor’s automotive websites to see what information and content they are providing and how their marketing message is being delivered.
  • Determine what relevant keywords are bringing in traffic to the competitor’s web page from organic searches and the ranking of those keywords.
  • Review from where the competitor is receiving backlinks.

Analysis of Your Website Statistics

  • Analyze and record current web page statistics including organic page traffic, overall organic search page position.

Analysis of the Keywords Currently on Your Site

  • Analyze relevant keywords your website ranks for, the traffic these keywords are bringing to the website in organic searches and the SERP positions of your web pages by keyword.
  • Choose new keywords to optimize, and/or optimize existing keywords which will draw the most relevant traffic.

Determine Your Web Page Messages

  • Research your featured automotive product to determine the features, benefits, technical information, sales points, and other necessary content that would need to be conveyed by the web page to best inform, engage, and sell.

Content Development

  • Write new page copy, or modify existing page copy, to implement the chosen keywords as well as the sales points, messaging and other information identified when determining the page message.

Web Page Formatting

  • Format pages for user-friendliness and Google indexing.
  • Set up internal and external site links.

Optimize Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Alt Text

  • Write descriptive meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • Add Alt attributes to product images.

Off Page SEO for Automotive Websites

  • Check for broken existing backlinks.
  • Build back links from relevant and quality automotive websites.
  • Submit website to web directories.

Monitor SEO Results

  • Average Page Position for Relevant Keywords
  • Specific Keywords Optimized and Page Position
  • Organic Page Traffic
  • Overall Organic Page Position for All Searches
  • Average Session Time Engaged in Seconds
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversions

Let’s talk about how my SEO for automotive websites can help you.

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