Automotive Media Relations

The goal of automotive media relations is to create awareness and credibility for your company by having the media report on your products, objectives, and accomplishments.

Automotive media relations builds your brand, and unlike advertising it doesn’t involve paying publications for exposure. This builds credibility as when the media places your product and press releases, writes about your company or products, or uses your products in videos, the viewers will generally see it as news rather than promotion and that builds credibility.

Benefits of Automotive Media Relations

  • Increases your sales leads.
  • Creates awareness of and credibility for your company and products
  • Educates on your company and products.
  • Positions your brand.
  • Brings relevant traffic to your website.
  • Opens the door for other editorial opportunities.
  • Assists with Search Engine Optimization.

How I Can Help You

I’ll produce engaging product releases for your company and distribute them to B2B and B2C automotive media contacts with whom I have long-standing relationships. I’ll then follow-up to advocate for release placement and other opportunities such as articles and videos. When these opportunities arise, I’ll provide writers with technical support and for feature articles and videos I’ll coordinate the provision of your products as needed.

My Automotive Media Relations Program Includes

  • Creation of press and product releases.
  • Distribution of releases to B2B and B2C online and print automotive media, blogs, and other automotive media outlets
  • Advocacy for release placement.
  • Long-standing relationships with media contacts that facilitate placement.
  • Networking with contacts to get your products featured in articles and videos.
  • Coordinating provision of your products for feature articles and videos.

Please note, if your products cross over into the power sports, motorcycle, marine, or outdoor industries, I have media contacts there as well.

Let’s talk about how I can help you with automotive media relations.

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